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We repair all makes and models.Cracked screens, broken glass,water damaged phones, broken LCD displays, broken or sticky keypads, lost contact lists, missing data, and much more

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Phone repair is always the first choice of people who aim to protect their budget. This method, which is very effective especially in solving screen fractures and battery problems, is also effective in solving other problems if a phone repair shop is selected in the field. Cellphonerepair Angels is capable of serving millions of people with its mobile phone repair near me spread over a wide geography.

Because it is a widespread phone repair shop, it offers both guaranteed service and half the price of the parts that other stores can buy. Cellphonerepair is one of the areas that require special expertise. Mobile phones cannot be considered as technological devices.

The biggest difference with other technological devices is that there is personal information in it and it is constantly needed for a great part of the day. In addition, its complex structure prevents anyone from performing Cellphonerepair.

Cellphonerepair Angels is constantly repairing a number of different models of smartphones; it either replaces parts or corrects the existing parts for long years. In general, smartphone repair, although it can be described as a smartphone when necessary to repair the phone can be done.


We use only high quality Apple and Samsung parts to repair
your devices.

WARRANTY up to 180 Days

if you have any issues related to the repair within 180 days we will take care of it free of charge! This does not cover accidental damage.


We fix your divice while you're shopping. Don't need to wait for days to get your phone back.


Unsure of what your problem may be? We will run through a series of tests, then we will let you know the problem.



IPhone11 normally heats from immense and prolonged usage, when they get too hot they start misbehaving and may suffer from long term damage. There have been few cases where phones exploded but it is extremely unlike in the case of your iPhone . Overheating is one of the most common issues faced by many users. iPhone generally heats up fast and keeps increasing temperature from normal operating levels.

If your iPhone get hot often, then there is something wrong, there can be external or internal cause to it as

Continuously using and charging the phone Keeping your phone in direct sunlight or hot environment Playing advanced games, watching HD videos, etc can affect the processor Multiple applications running simultaneously Using bad quality battery or charger Here are some troubleshooting steps which you should keep in mind to cool down your hot iPhone

Disable all Background Running Apps and Reboot your device Check and disable all the background running apps that consume RAM on your device. Apps usually left open or suspended during an update, it is important to end all background app before updating your phone.

After clearing the background restart your iPhone to clear junk and temp files which takes a lot of space.

Now check your phone if that stops your phone from heating.

Update All Apps

Outdated applications can also trouble the system, sometimes some apps no longer meet the system requirement. The app may not work properly and can trigger adverse effects including overheating. Installation of pending applications can resolve the problem as all the bug fixes will be properly implemented. Reboot your iPhone once all applications are updated

Reset All Setting

Improperly configured settings can also cause conflict and malfunctioning of the system. In such a condition, any app can exhaust the processor and result in overheating. In such a condition, resetting can help and it will not affect your saved data.

Factory Reset

Sometimes resetting may not be helpful as the system might have got affected by iOS bugs. iPhone factory reset will erase everything from your phone. You can backup your important data and files.

But if you are still facing the issue we at Cellphonerepair Angels are here to help you, you should take the fact that your phone’s overheating problem is serious and might need an iPhone repair service.

iPad Screen Replacement

iPad is one of the most selling tablets offered by Apple due to its immense technical capabilities and functions that were introduced at the time of its release. The model as such is one of the most used models in the country even after many years of being introduced and is still sold by resellers all over the USA. The tablet is used by millions of Americans and thus it makes sense that not all of them want to upgrade and simply keep using their trusted iPad .

iPad Screen Replacement-2

It can be said undoubtedly that a broken screen can be the cause of much inconvenience to the users. Since people are not keen on buying an expensive upgrade getting an iPad screen replacement is the first option that people look for. With the iPad being such a popular model, there are many repair shops which offer screen replacement services for iPad but are not at all qualified or trained to do so. The biggest issue with iPad screen replacement is that it is not as easy as it sounds, regardless of what your local repair shop may say.

iPad Screen Replacement The screen of your iPad is not exactly damage proof regardless of how tough Apple says it is. Any sort of fall or mishandling can damage your screen or crack it, thus rendering it unusable at worst and very frustrating and inconvenient to use at best.

Your cracked iPad screen can severely impact your daily life and work and can cause significant damage to the phone itself if left unaddressed. The cracked screen can expose the LCD and other components of your phone to water and dust which can cause irreparable damage to the phone.

Your documents and files can thus be lost easily with no way of recovering causing immeasurable damage to your work.

Apple stores charge a premium to repair screens which can be as much a burden to your budget as getting a brand new iPad which is what they aim at. The high repair cost is geared to make you switch to a newer more expensive tablet than clinging on to your older one.

Thus iPad screen replacement becomes a nightmare for you as iPad screen replacement’s cost at the Apple store is not something an average person can afford.

Cellphonerepair Angels for Best iPad Screen Replacement

Getting your iPad screen replacement at Cellphonerepair Angels is thus the only way to get proper screen replacement without spending a premium and getting a good job done. Getting repairs has become way easier with Cellphonerepair Angels as you no longer have to rely on the expensive repairs from Apple stores to get your screen replaced. Our trained technicians are experienced in iPad repairs and are more than capable of providing you with the best iPad screen replacement.

Cellphonerepair Angels is your one place to go to destination for the best iPad screen replacement. We provide very high quality services which cost you only a fraction of what it would cost to replace your iPad screen at an Apple store.

Not all repair shops are qualified or equipped to deal with iPad screen replacement. Only at Cellphonerepair Angels can you get the best screen repair services for your iPad. At Cellphonerepair Angels, we take care of your iPad and ensure that you leave our store fully satisfied and content.

Samsung Tablet won’t Charge

One of the most infuriating moments in owning an electronic device is when the device doesn’t have any power left in it to assist you in your work. And the situation becomes even more frustrating when it won’t even charge. This is a problem faced quite often by many Samsung tablet users. A lot of instances have come up when the Samsung tablet won’t charge or shows charging but just sits there and doesn’t charge even a bit. So what to do when your Samsung tablet won’t charge? Believe us you don’t need to go to any Samsung repair shop at once as this problem can be corrected easily at home.

Samsung tablet won't charge-2

In this article we are bringing you some solutions which you can try at your home whenever your Samsung tablet won’t charge. All of these methods are very simple and very effective. Here’s the to do list when your Samsung tablet won’t charge:

Try changing the charging cable and outlet

At many a times, it is not necessarily required that there is a problem with your tablet. It may happen that your charging cable is defective and thus enough power is not received by your phone. This is a very common issue and can be solved by just changing the charging cable by getting a new one. It may also happen that the power outlet that you are using to charge your tablet is broken and is not conducting electricity and hence your tablet is not charging. You should check for this by changing the outlet or by checking for current in the outlet and then plugging in your charger.

Samsung Tablet won’t Charge | Perform a forced power cycle

Sometimes your tablets battery gets frozen and you need to perform a forced power cycle to bring the battery back to its original condition. To forcefully perform a power cycle, you need to discharge your tablet’s battery completely. There shouldn’t be any battery left to even show the power up screen. Then plug in the charger and leave it as it is for 4-5 hours. This will make your tablet’s battery responsive to electricity and your Samsung tablet will begin charging.

Factory reset your tablet

If your Samsung tablet won’t charge, then you should consider factory resetting all the system settings and return them to default state. This will correct any wrong system settings which might be preventing your tablet’s battery from getting charged. To do this go to settings and head on to factory reset options and then follow the on screen instructions. Resetting your tablet to the factory settings will most often provide an effective solution to your problem.

These are some of the steps that can be taken for solving your problems when your Samsung tablet won’t charge. If none of these methods was effective in providing you with a solution, then you should directly come over to your nearest Cellphonerepair Angels store with your Samsung tablet and get professional assistance for your tablet. The expert technicians at Cellphonerepair Angels will be more than happy to help you out and provide you with a fitting solution for your problems.

How To Repair Tablet Screen

The screen of your tablet is the most delicate part and if not taken care of properly, it can be damaged very easily. A simple drop on the ground is enough to shatter the digital screen made of glass and leave you in a confused and frustrated state of mind. But worry not, today we will be talking about how to repair tablet screen so that you can come out of this situation and get your tablet into its previous state.

How To Repair Tablet Screen

The reality is that the answer to your question of how to repair tablet screen is not at all simple and straightforward. There are a lot of factors that need to be tested and analysed in order to determine the procedure of repairing your tablet screen. For example, if just the outer glass covering is broken, then your tablet will require a new glass covering along with a new touchscreen sensor. But if the damage is too high and the inner lcd screen is cracked, then the entire lcd screen will need to be changed. So, in order to know how to repair tablet screen, you’ll need to first understand the exact type and extent of damage caused.

An indication that your LCD screen is broken when there is a color segmented image on your tablet screen. To change your touch on the tablet, you can contact our call center to support you. You need to call us because the tablet screen switching fees vary according to the models.

Where Should You Go For The Best Tablet Screen Repairs?

To get your tablet screen repaired, you should go to a place which has the requisite knowledge and ample amount of experience in repairing tablet screens of all types. Cellphonerepair Angels provides you with the best tablet screen repair services that is done by highly trained and experienced technicians who know everything that there’s to be known about tablet screens.

We do touch screen repairs of all brand tablets. When your tablet’s screen breaks, we complete your technical service needs. Tablet screen exchange prices are evaluated at very reasonable prices. Well, if you are wondering how to repair tablet screen, you should read our article!

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How do I know if my tablet is broken or the LCD screen is broken?

Turn off your tablet first. If you cannot turn off your tablet, press and hold the power key until your tablet turns off. If the screen is broken after the device is turned off, it means that the upper touchscreen is broken.

If your tablet screen has color segmented images, it means that your lower LCD screen is broken. If your tablet doesn’t break when it’s off, it just means your LCD screen is broken.

Tablet screen replacement is one of the things that should be considered. As a result of the wrong operation, the cable or socket going from the screen may go to break or the case breaks.

Cellphonerepair Angels Gives Best Tablet Screen Repairs

When you bring your damaged tablet to us and hand it over to one of our repair technicians, the very first thing that we do is run a few tests to determine the extent and type of damage that your tablet screen has undergone. We follow high safety procedures and take utmost care so that your tablet doesn’t undergo any further damage. After we have analysed your tablet’s condition, we adopt fully modern and technical repair procedures to curb your tablet’s screen from the damage that it had.

After your tablet screen repair procedure is complete, we do full testing of its working from the display brightness test to the touch sensitivity test. Only after we are sure that your tablet’s screen has been restored to 100% mint condition, do we hand it back to you. The entire repair process generally takes less than 60 minutes and at the end of it you’ll have a tablet that is absolutely as good as new.

Therefore, it is a good decision for you and your device to give such failures to the companies that you trust and who are experts in the field of screen replacement. As CellPhoneRepairAngels, we always strive to provide you with the highest quality service.

We hope that we have given you a satisfactory answer to your query of how to repair tablet screen. It will be the healthiest answer for our customers to contact us for the question of how to repair tablet screen. We will give you through the entire process and will also provide you with a cost estimate if you want. Feel free to contact us anytime.